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Advantages of Cannabis Grow Trays

A grow tray is used for the purpose of holding plants in a hydroponic growing system. Grow trays are important particularly because they bear a leak valve used for the purpose of draining excess water, therefore eliminating stagnant water. Most grow trays are used to serve two purposes, one of them being to hold the growing pot and the other is to hold the growing plant. Below are some of the benefits of using the cannabis grow tray,

When cannabis is grow in pots instead of growing it in a grow tray, it tends to grow in circles. This is not healthy as they tend to entangle one another. The result of this is oxygenation issues as well as excess water remaining in one place. Most of the pots lack the channels required to drain excess water. Another disadvantage of using pots is that they do not provide 2with enough room for the growth of roots. When roots are not provided with enough room for growth, they become constricted, and in the process, they fail to absorb water and nutrients. In addition, the entire plant is also compressed in the process and this also reduces water intake in plants.

So far, we have seen there are many disadvantages associated with the use of pots. This is because when the plant is grown in pots, its roots tends to touch the edges of the fabric pot, and when this happens, the roots feel as if they have reached their growth limit. The importance of grow trays is that they have an ability to regulate the temperature especially when it is summer. When you grow your cannabis plants in plastic bags during this time, they are likely to get cooked by the excess heat that is experienced. Besides regulation of temperature, the trays also ensure that the plant has been provided with a breathable quality. Excess heat is actually released from the side.

Storage of pots that are not in use is also quite hectic. Furthermore, they also take on a lot of space. Someone is also required to handle them with extreme care so that they do not break. Grow trays, however, they can be stored with minimal space.

Since grow trays are also versatile, it means that they are easily transported. When you purchase them from a good company, you are able to get some of which are resistant to fungal and other microbial. It is also possible for someone to have access to those which can provide for your plant with a flat growing surface, while some of them even contain some sloped canals which are particularly made for the purpose of providing with proper drainage.

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