Blockbuster Whitney Houston Concert In Brisbane Is A Flop

A whole lot of people in Australia were really looking forward to seeing Whitney Houston in concert just recently. It had been a long time, over 20 years, since she was there and they still love her. There were tons of ticket purchased for what was supposed to be a big blockbuster stage performance . This tour was called the Nothing But Love Tour, but it was not love that all of her loyal fans were feeling after seeing this disappointment.

It is common knowledge all the issues that she has had in life for the past 2 decades. All of the escapades between her and her famous husband were always splashed across the news releases. And everybody that knows of her knows about the drug abuse issues too. It wasn’t that she didn’t seem to be trying to do her best for this concert, it seemed that she just didn’t have it in her.

She seemed to make it through just the first 2 songs before things started to go bad. Only two songs and then she has to take a break and let her brother and the rest of the band take over for a while. So while she was nowhere to be seen they plated a few of her well known tunes to keep the crowd occupied.

After a while she came back on stage and tried to make it through the beautiful song that she is so well known for, I Will Always Love You. She had to stop partway through to apparently sooth her self with water and the way she sang the song was very throaty rather than the incredible way she sung it before. This was just too much for many of the people in attendance and plenty of them left well before the concert was over. There were a lot of questions, considering her past, about her health and habits. Her promoter blamed it all on the fact that she is a lot older now and is not able to hit the notes as well as she could when she was younger. He claimed there were no health issues worth mentioning.

Of course, he will stand behind the performance; after all he doesn’t wish to issue refunds to unhappy concert goers. However, due to the fact that she didn’t sing for about half the concert and sang poorly for the other half, there really should be some compensation offered to those who traveled to Brisbane after all these years, just to hear her perform. And perhaps if she is not up to the concert circuit, they should just keep fans happy by cutting new albums, leaving the live performances to those who are up to the task.

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